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HomeNewsWyoming legislators want to ban electronic bingo on 에볼루션카지노

Wyoming legislators want to ban electronic bingo on 에볼루션카지노


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Bingo Lawmakers in Wyoming have drafted a bill that would outlaw electronic bingo.
The Legislature’s Joint Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Committee has voted 8-6 to sponsor the bill during this winter’s legislative session.
It would crack down on 에볼루션카지노that’s played by computer instead of the old-fashioned way, where balls with numbers are drawn.
Although most forms of gambling are illegal in Wyoming, lawmakers in the 1970s exempted several activities from the definition of gambling, including ”raffles or bingo conducted, or pull-tabs sold, by charitable organizations where the tickets for the raffle or bingo are sold in this state.”
Senior assistant attorney general Terry Armitage told committee members it has been up to lawmakers to decide if electronic bingo is a gambling device that is prohibited under state law or a modern convenience for bingo players and a natural evolution of the game.
But getting rid of electronic bingo would cut deeply into fund-raising by nonprofits, bingo parlor owners say, and could cause the demise of many charities.
Numbers up after Bingo overhaul
BingoBingo has undergone a radical overhaul in a bid to attract new players in Britain.
The famous “bingo lingo” has been banished and prize funds have gone up to compete with the National Lottery. Some games are now worth up to £2million.
Phrases like Kelly’s eye (1), two fat ladies (88) and key of the door (21)were replaced four years ago with the simple calling of numbers.
Most Bingo halls have been refurbished and many now boast electronic terminals that let you play the game on screen.
There are now nearly as many people aged 25-34 playing Bingo as over-50s.
Gambling Bill ‘could close bingo halls’
Small businesses will suffer and some casino en ligne francaisbingo halls will close if British gambling laws are eased, says a report by Sheffield Hallam University.
The report, part of the university’s forecast of trends in the leisure industry into 2008, was published on the day the Gambling Bill was debated by MPs in the UK House of Commons.
“The positive side is being highlighted but the negatives are being ignored,” added Themis Kokolakakis, the author of the report. “Unless the market is regulated, the impact on existing small casinos could be devastating and wipe out their custom, just like the effect of supermarket shopping on corner shops.”
In his report, Mr Kokolakakis said he felt the “real winners” would be major international investors, such as MGM Mirage and Caesars Entertainment, which are in talks about casinos in London, Sheffield and Newcastle.
Following widespread criticism, the Government has scaled down the number of Las Vegas-style “super casinos” opening initially from 40 to eight, following opposition from MPs.
Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell said any increase in problem gambling and their effectiveness at regenerating their areas would be assessed before any more would be approved.

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