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Togel Singapore Books – Worth it or not?


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Togel Singapore books used to be highly popular in the poker world. Now however, as technology has developed, poker books are becoming a thing of the past and sales are down over the last few years. This is because the internet is becoming such a valuable source of information to an online poker player, they feel there is no need to read poker books when they can read hundreds of articles for free. Also creations such as poker training sites and coaching, players think money can be better spent then on a poker book. Although most books are dated now, they still have great information in them which would be a impossible task to find elsewhere. Some books should still be read by all poker players, which we will list now.
1 – Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book
Written by a true poker legend, Phil Gordon, this book gives players a fantastic insight into poker math and other fundamental factors in the game of poker. His writing is top class, with added humour where possible. He tells readers in the book this is how he plays poker, and doesn’t care who disagrees with him.
The book also tells players exactly what they want to know, without the useless dribble involved. He goes through making big lay downs and why to make them, why he would make a bet in certain decisions and where you would be best to call.
Overall this book shouldn’t be over looked by players, as for a small price you are paying for the individual views of a player who has seen pretty much everything in the poker world and even if you disagree with what he says, there is no doubting this is a great read.
2 – Harrington on Hold’em
The writer and book should need no introduction, the man himself Dan Harrington decided to write a book on Hold’em, which offers players the cheapest insight to poker they will ever be offered. If you cannot take advice off a WSOP Main Event winner, who can you take advice off?
This book is adored by many top players, some people live and die by what Harrington has to say in this incredible read, and they seem to do pretty well in the poker world.
The Togel Singaporebook focuses on No limit Hold’em Tournaments and after reading this book, you will never think about poker in the same way again. He goes through everything a tournament player will ever think about during a game, pot odds, betting strategies, opponent styles etc.
After reading this book you will probably look back and think how bad of a player you were, as I remember I thought just that.
3 – Mike Caro Book of Tells
This is a great book aimed at newer players to the live poker circuit. If you are about to play your first live game or your not doing to well in live games, pick up this book and study it. Caro goes through how players act when they are bluffing, strong, weak etc. and also how they may act if they are trying to disguise their hand.

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