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Join Ladbrokes 먹튀사이트 Shop HereWith over 83,000 staff in more than 70 countries worldwide and a turnover of almost £9 billion, Ladbrokes Bookmakers© are no fly by night operation.
Ladbrokes price up everything gambling related ~ Betting on Horseracing, Greyhounds, Football, Cricket, Tennis, Politics, Big Brother and Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Specials, American football, Snooker ~ pretty much if it moves they price it up.
Join Ladbrokes Online Casino HereLadbrokes are known as “THE MAGIC SIGN” in betting circles here in the UK and are 1 of the Big 4 ~ Ladbrokes, William Hills, Coral and Tote. They are known as the Magic Sign because they have an uncanny knack of getting it right when they take a view on any given event. This would be because they can afford to employ the best odds compilers and have the money to be brave. It usually pays off too. Ladbrokes taking a view on a sporting event is almost a tip unto itself.
Arsenal Players and Wenger Pay Less Tax
After Ray Parlour’s Wife(ex) Karen skinned him in court, what also came to light was Parlour’s tax payments on income.
Apparently Arsenal players sign 2 contracts – 1 for basic salary which is taxed as normal, around 40% and another for performance bonus related payments. These bonus payments can add up if Arsenal play well and can amount to doubling Arsenal players basic salary.
In 1 season alone Arsenal payed 76k in tax on 7.6 million pounds of player payments. A firm called Sevco 1270 which Arsenal players are shareholders of, paid bonuses to a Jersey based trust fund. Even the manager(Arsene Wenger) has saved grands using this method.
Arsenal have also set up what is known as a employee benefit trust, through which bonuses are loaned to players, but never paid back. 41% in tax would normally be due on such loans if they were paid directly rather than from offshore, Arsenal players paid 1%.
Arsenal reckon they cannot comment because contract details are confidential.
I gather all this is totally legal and above board.
Gamblog Comment :: It might be legal but it still stinks and when all the teams in the professional leagues follow suit it won’t be legal for long.
Charlie Wolf is on the radio at the moment doing the night shift on Talk Sport Radio
A caller rang in to tell of his story that he saw happen with his own eyes in America.
He told Charlie Wolf an old lady was sitting at a cafe drinking a coffee when she noticed that across the road 3 black guys were getting into her car.
Gladly she had a gun in her handbag for just this sort of thing so she took a walk over and ordered the 3 guys out of her car and they verily did so. As quick as she could she got in and drove off.
Not a half an hour later she was pulled over by the police and arrested for pointing a loaded gun.
Turns out her eyesight is not what it once was and she had just Car-Jacked 3 African businessman at gunpoint and ordered them out of their car.
Hers car was still parked right there where she’d put it.
I must have a warped sense of humour because picturing that scenario makes me laugh. Gladly the 3 African guys had a sense of humour too and never pressed charges. By what the guy said on the radio they actually saw the funny side themselves.
Only in America?

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