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Answers to all your Questions안전토토사이트


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Just think of this as a FAQ page.
1q) Are you still alive?
1a) Excellent question. Indeed I am. Everything안전토토사이트 seems to be in working order too. I might even have another 50 years left. However, I am starting to go grey.
2q) Have you finally decided to get off your ass and get a real job?
2a) Another good question, although I’m not too thrilled with the tone. A little hostile don’t you think? No, I am still gainfully unemployed and proud of it. If I can figure out a way to make money this month, I will have had 12 month in a row of black numbers. Some of those numbers have been a little more impressive than others. In fact, since I made $30k in September, I have had some embarrasing winnings of $20 in October and just under $3k in November. And this month was developing into a disaster (just like last December), but fortunately I had a nice tournament victory on Sunday night which has propelled me away from the red. So for the year, I’m looking at about $60-70k in winnings. Nothing spectacular, but I think I’ll stay on my ass and avoid the “real” job market a little while longer.
3q) How in the hell does somebody work the whole month and come away with 20 stinking dollars? That’s not even enough to pay the water bill. And how do you pay the mortgage? Do you live in a cardboard box?
3a) Wow three questions in one. Well, it was an ugly month – bad beat after bad beat after bad beat. I don’t know how much I was down, but it was quite a bit. Every time I hit my sets, I’d get sucked out on, no matter how fast I played them. And so many second best hands. Ace high flush vs a straight flush, KK vs 22 on a board of K-2-8-3-2. It just wasn’t my month. I had to make a nice rally the last couple days to get back to (barely) positive. At the eleventh hour on Halloween, when I was ahead for the month, I shut it down, proud of my mild accomplishment and thrilled to say I still hadn’t had a losing month all year. But yeah, after playing all month 3 tables at a time with $1000 on each and only coming away with $20 is somewhat amusing. It definitely could have been worse though. Oh, and I did pay all my bills. And I don’t live in a cardboard box, but thanks for asking.
4q) When are you going to write again?
4a) Today obviously – haven’t you been reading this? Seems like a silly question. But that will be my New Year’s Resolution. To write more. And lose some weight.
5q) Have you been to any live tournaments recently?
5a) Yes indeed. I went to Caesars Indiana in October and Harrah’s Atlantic City just a few days ago. Unfortunately, I did not have any big cashes (or small cashes) and I was extremely unlucky (geez I’m whiny). In four of the six tournaments I played at those places, I was knocked out as a huge favorite – AA vs 8-9 all-in preflop (seriously – interesting story on that one – I asked the guy if he was ready to double me up – he said he didn’t mind – I go all in, and he honestly felt obligated to call me because he said he would), QQ vs 99, JJ vs KJ, and JJ vs TT. And I was right near the money on three out of four of those bad beats. Just heartbreaking. I did get to play at the same table as Men the Master at one of the tournaments in Indiana. I had heard that he was fun to play with, especially when he’s drinking. But I guess it was a little early in the afternoon (or maybe since the cameras weren’t rolling), and he was pretty subdued. I know, I should have given full reports as the tourneys were going, but it sucks to relive the experience when it’s unpleasant. Then again, it can also be cathartic. I’m not sure when my next trip will be – perhaps back to AC in January for some tournaments at the Borgata or maybe Mississippi.
6q) How is it possible to pee down the side of the toilet?
6a) Wait, I guess that wasn’t really poker related.
7q) Are you ever going to hold live games again?
7a) Yes I swear. We need to get some interested players though. The last couple times I’ve tried to get a game together were unsuccessful. So if you have friends, and those friends enjoy playing poker, and have a little money (with usual win/loss under $50), please let me know so can get some games together on a regular Friday or Saturday night. Also, a while ago I threw out the idea of getting together a qualifier for the WSOP Main Event. Besides me, I have one player interested. So big ballers, and whoever wants to play qualifiers for the qualifier, holla.
8q) Are you aware that you’re getting spammed?
8a) Yup. I don’t really want to edit anything, so make some comments and drown them out. Or you could send me some questions, and that way we can have another FAQ page (this time without made-up questions).

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